Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Morbid Movies : My Bloody Valentine

Because of the success of John Carpenter's Halloween the slasher craze took off . While Black Christmas (1974) predated Halloween. The more popular and what started the craze ended being Halloween. After that we had another successful string of killer holiday movies with Friday the 13th which gave birth the icon known as Jason Voorhees. After Friday the 13th we got a new holiday with a masked killer. My Bloody Valentine.  A group of teenagers who decide to throw a Valentine's Day party only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac in mining gear who begins a murder spree. From what I read the movie was so gory and violent that it had 9 minutes cut by the MPAA. Of course we ended up with a remake which isn't horrible in 2009. However the 1981 classic is still loved by horror fans.  And one night only at  Movies of Lake Worth you can see this cult classic on the big screen presented by Morbid Movies. Friday February 10th 2017 at 9:30 pm and its only $10 and first 100 people get a button. Also don't forget if you want more horror check out Morbid TV on the Morbid Movies Website  and of course Underground Horror Radio.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Morbid Movies :Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors

30 years ago Nightmare on Elm Street had a third installment that felt more like a direct sequel than part 2. Some odd years after the original Freddy is back and going after the children on elm street. he finds way to hurt them to have them sent to Weston Hills so they are in one place to killed off. Some of the original cast returns like John Saxon and NOES fan favorite Heather Langenkamp as Nancy.
So yes there's nightmares in the movie but the kids under Nancy's guidance learn they have dream powers as well and go off to stop Freddy Kruger's reign of terror. Morbid Movies and Movies of Lake Worth are having a 30th anniversary showing of one of the series most popular installments.

Come out to Movies of Lake Worth on January 20th. Showing is at 9:30 pm for just $10 and The first 100 people get a Morbid Movie Button and also come see all the cool stuff Morbid Movies has.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Morbid Movies : Silent Night, Deadly Night

A 1984 Film  Set during Christmas, the story concerns a young man, who after witnessing his parents murdered and raised tumultuously in an abusive Catholic orphanage as a young boy begins to suffer traumatic experiences years later and emerges into a spree killer while donning a Santa suit himself. Another Fantastic cult Classic. A decade after Black Xmas came out and during the slasher era of horror the late 70's and 80's. For One Night only you can see this cult classic at Movies of Lake Worth from Morbid Movies at 9:30pm on Friday December 16th.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Morbid Movies: John Carpenter's They Live

A drifter comes to Los Angeles to work..when he finds a pair of sunglasses that revel a truth that Aliens are among us. Most alien flicks have a monster or a ship blowing stuff up or taking over bodies. Not this Movie they are already here and look like me and you. The sunglasses revel what they look like in a black and white manner where signs say obey and  the people have skull faces. Its up to Wrestling Legend Roddy Piper and  Keith David to stop this menace. This movie also has one of the longest fist brawl fights of all time. It's another John Carpenter Classic along with Escape from NY and The Thing. Its fitting that people should go see this one time showing in theaters with all the madness going on since the election. Its a fun movie and a cult classic and nothing like seeing an 80's movie in the theater with some friends. They Live is brought you by Morbid Movies  and shown at the wonderful Movies of Lake Worth and for 10 bucks you can see this cult film on the big screen.
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Mike and Mcpatches talk about Halloween 3 Season of the witch and how its a cult classic

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Morbid Movies : Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

John Carpenters Halloween was a huge success when it came out in 1978 and spawned many sequels and even a remade series. All having to do with Micheal Myers ..except Halloween 3.
Halloween 3 was a start of  a new story to kind of show off strange things that happen on Halloween.
The problem was because of Friday the 13th and how popular Micheal had become from  Halloween 1 and 2 people wanted more of the same. Halloween 3 is set in a different place than Haddonfield Illinois and really had nothing to do with Myers. Instead it has a plot  about a doctor and an evil mask maker and druids and Stonehenge. It is better than it sounds and at first people were unhappy it had nothing to do with Micheal Myers and for a long time people hated this film. In the last 6 years or so it has gotten a cult following and many people now love this unique film. If this movie was made today people would probably jump on the 80's was a different story. Come out to  Morbid Movies at the Movies of Lake Worth for a one night screening of the Cult Movie Halloween 3 Season of the Witch. It Stars Tom Atkins who is a cult hero and quite the movie badass.
Friday October 14th 9:30 pm

Monday, September 12, 2016

Morbid Movies : The EVIL DEAD

35 years ago some Michigan guys made a movie unlike any other at its time. The EVIL DEAD
Here's what its about  Ashley "Ash" Williams (Bruce Campbell), his girlfriend and three pals hike into the woods to a cabin for a fun night away. There they find an old book, the Necronomicon, whose text reawakens the dead when it's read aloud. The friends inadvertently release a flood of evil and must fight for their lives or become one of the evil dead. Ash watches his friends become possessed, and must make a difficult decision before daybreak to save his own life in this, the first of Sam Raimi's trilogy.

That's one way to put it. Here's how we feel about the movie. Its The EVIL DEAD this movie is insane. Hokey and just awesome it is one of the biggest cult films ever.  This Launched Bruce Campbell's career along with Sam Raimi.

I bought this flick along with Evil Dead 2 at Walmart when I was In High School and I fell in love with it ever since.  So for it;s 35th Anniversary our pal over at Morbid Movies are showing this cult classic for one night on the big screen at Movies of Lake Worth on September 16th at 930 pmif you are a horror lover trust me you wont want to miss this one. And if you need extra Convincing here is someone who was super excited when he was able to show this movie as well the one and only JOE BOB BRIGGS